Khon Kaen – Student activists from across Isaan established themselves as the “Ratsadon Khong Chi Mun Group” today (Feb. 14, 2021) and gathered at both the Provincial Police Region 4 Headquarters and the Khon Kaen Provincial Police Division. Some of them carried an effigy that looked like a dead body to symbolize a victim of violence that occurred in Bangkok last night during the break up of a protest in Bangkok entitled, “Counting from one to a million; Return power to the people.”
Protesters put tape on their mouths to symbolize the gagging of political activists. Some wrote “112” on the tape, referring to the lese majeste law, Section 112 of the criminal code.
Student activists in the Northeast have been meeting over the last few months to form a network representing students from provinces where students have been active protesting against the current government and calling for constitutional reforms.