Tiwakorn Witithon campaigns around Khon Kaen city to invite local people to wear a shirt reading, “We have lost faith in the monarchy,” on the 1-year anniversary of the student declaration of ten demands to reform the monarchy.

Yesterday (Aug. 10) Thiwakorn Wititton, wearing a shirt that read, “We have lost faith in the monarchy,” started a campaign march in Khon Kaen to mark the one-year anniversary of the student declaration calling for reform of the monarchy. Starting  in front of Central Khon Kaen Department Store, Thiwakorn walked past Democracy Monument, then by the statue of Sarit Thanarat, and ended up at Khon Kaen Psychiatric Hospital.

The back of Thiwakorn’s tee-shirt says, “Reform the monarchy and we will return respect.” 

He carried out this campaign alone to call upon people of Khon Kaen to join in reforming the monarchy. He explained that the aim of this campaign was to encourage people to think about the monarchy by wearing these two shirts with the words, “We have lost faith in the monarchy” and “We have never believed in the monarchy.”

Thiwakorn Wititton holding a poster while campaigning at Democracy Monument in Khon Kaen. 

Tiwakorn had encouraged everyone on his Facebook page to make their own shirts. He wrote that he thought people making their own shirts would not be illegal, violating neither Article 112 or Article 116 of the criminal code, and any other laws. If everyone was ready to wear these two shirts every day, in every place and every corner in the country, it would become a consensus of the people. This would lead to reform of the monarchy.

In addition, he also stated that the highlight of this approach was that anyone could do it, even during the lockdown for the COVID-19 outbreak or even under the Emergency Decree or curfew because it was a peaceful expression of opinion. 

Tiwakorn on his campaign at the Sarit Thanarat statue in Khon Kaen

Thiwakorn was arrested by the local police on March 4, 2021 at his residence and was taken to the Tha Phra Police Station in the Muang District of Khon Kaen Province. He was charged under Articles 112 and 116 as well as the Computer Crimes Act for campaigning for people to buy shirts saying, “We have lost faith in the monarchy” on his Facebook page. 

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