Story by Ardchawit Inha Photos by Russell Chapman

The Isaan Record receives “The Fav Community Influencer” Award for serving as a conveyer of Isaan people’s voices, at the “Northeast Influencer Award 2022” (NETI) event

Khon Kaen – 07:30 p.m. (5 Oct 2022) The Isaan Record’s editorial team received “The Fav Community Influencer” Award for its communicating Isaan people’s voices in the event, “Northeast Influencer Award 2022” (NETI). The award ceremony, held by the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce, Khon Kaen University’s International College, and the Creative Economy Agency, was part of the Business Expo 2022 at the Khon Kaen International Convention and Exhibition Center(KICE).

NETI aims to reward social media influencers who have communicated Isaan-related, creative content in several dimensions such as economy, society, tourism, and life-style. Those receiving awards had encouraged content that brought locally-generated products and perception to a wider audience. This year was the first time that NETI awards had been given.

Lists of NETI 2022 Award Winners

  • Fav Community Influencer: “The Isaan Record,” an organization that produces news, feature stories, and video pieces about Isaan
  • Fav Popular Vote: Khon Kaen Let’s Go: ขอนแก่นแล่นโลด, a Facebook page that presents content on tourism, events, and exhibitions in Khon Kaen
  • Fav Creative Influencer: “Paweenee’s Nut Butter,” a Facebook page of the bakery outlet, “From Scratch,” for it creative business content
  • Fav Influencer on TikTok: @bom153, a TikTok account that features agricultural content
  • Fav Local Explore: Mekin Farm which conducts agricultural tourism –  “Farmstay” – in Khon Kaen
  • Fav Inspired Instagram: @ice_wsp, account of Mr. Wasapol Nonmai, on teenager’s life-style
  • Fav Rising Star:  Mootoo, a TikTok account that tells the daily life of a dog of the same name
  • Fave Foodie Influencer: Luk Esaan, which presents short Vlogs and reviews on food