Police fire rubber bullets into crowd of APEC 2022 protesters, Isaan people injured

By: The Isaan Record

Police fire rubber bullets at the group Ratsadon (People) Stop APEC 2022 near Dinso Road in Bangkok. Many Isaan people are hit by rubber bullets.

BANGKOK, November 18, 2022 – Today at 10:10 AM, crowd control (riot) police fired rubber bullets at civilian protesters from the group Ratsadon Stop APEC 2022 while the Ratsadon Stop APEC 2022 group was walking out of the Lan Khon Muang Town Square towards Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (the venue for the 2022 APEC meeting) to file a request to stop the APEC 2022 meeting.

As the protesters marched to Dinso Road, the officers fired rubber bullets at a distance of no more than 2 meters at the protesters, causing several people to be injured. One of those people was Nattaporn Artharn, an Isaan Civil Society Representative who suffered a head injury. At the same time, more than three demonstrators were arrested while facing the police.

However, the Ratsadon Stop APEC 2022 group stayed at Lan Khon Mueang Town Square for a night before walking out of the urban courtyard this morning. The protest has many political groups from Isaan represented, including the Khong Chi Mung and Dao Din groups. common

Photos by Dao Din, group

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