Who We Are


Our Mission


Editorial Values


Truth and Accuracy

We work to tell our readers the complete truth as best we can learn it and we are committed to achieving due accuracy in all our coverage. We strive to be honest about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation. Well sourced stories, based on facts and presented in clear, precise language are what matters most to us. We correct our errors as soon as we become aware of them.

Integrity and Independence

We are independent of outside interests and committed to cover the news as impartial as possible. We maintain the highest standards to insure that we do nothing that might undermine our editorial integrity and our readers’ trust in our news coverage.  


Our reporters and editors are committed to fairness based on the belief that readers and news sources must, without exception, be treated honestly and with respect. We will respect privacy and will not infringe it without good reason or overwhelming public interest.

Diversity and Gender-sensitivity

We strive to deliver stories that accurately mirror our society and to produce coverage that is complete and diverse. Our guidelines ensure that there is a gender-balance in our sources, voices and perspectives. We seek to change attitudes by portraying women, men and other genders as they really are rather than re-enforcing gender-based stereotypes. By practicing gender-sensitive reporting and the use of gender-sensitive language, we work against the conscious and unconscious gender biases that exist in social structure and the minds of people. We believe that the media plays a significant role in promoting gender equality.

Accountability and Transparency

We are accountable to our readers who we will treat honestly and fairly. We are open to acknowledging, correcting and learning from mistakes. We strive to make our reporting transparent and disclose the sources of our information to the maximum possible extent.