Despite restrictions, Rajabhat Uni students in Isaan find ways to have their voices heard (9) 

Rajabhat University students in Isaan who want to get involved in the ongoing rallies have often faced resistance. Many of these students have asserted their right to protest and are also questioning the kind of education they are receiving. In joining the region’s student movement, they are calling for education reform and the dismantling of the obsolete social system underpinning these institutions.

ดวงทิพย์ ฆารฤทธิ์

ดวงทิพย์ ฆารฤทธิ์

November 26, 2020

The Good Daughters of Isaan (18) – Has online dating changed the dynamics of Thai-Western relationships?

The conventional view of Thai-Western relationships is older Western men meeting their future partner, often a single mother, at a tourist venue, getting married, and then moving to the man’s home country or settling down in Thailand. But online dating apps also see a new phenomenon emerging: younger Thai women connecting up with younger Westerners. Guest contributor Kate Santaliz takes a look.


The Isaan Record

September 16, 2020
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