Despite restrictions, Rajabhat Uni students in Isaan find ways to have their voices heard (9) 

Rajabhat University students in Isaan who want to get involved in the ongoing rallies have often faced resistance. Many of these students have asserted their right to protest and are also questioning the kind of education they are receiving. In joining the region’s student movement, they are calling for education reform and the dismantling of the obsolete social system underpinning these institutions.

A dream of a LGBT lawyer: “All genders must be equal” (5)

“LGBT people are more present in political movements than others because we face more problems than ordinary people. We’re suppressed, discriminated against by society. We face inequality based on our diverse genders.” Pornsit “Lawyer Tor” Raksasap, a representative of local LGBT group and member of the “Sisaket Can’t Stand It” group.

The Isaan Gender Diversity Network comes out to create space for equality and acceptance

LGBT groups have long been active in cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. But in Isaan, members of LGBT community are forming the region’s first-ever network, aiming to fight for equal rights, challenge stereotypes, and create understanding of LGBT issues.