Vaccination-saturated Bangkok starts sharing

In early August, Bangkok had one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. It seems it was only for this that the rest of the country started to get its fair share of vaccines. How much have other regions caught up in vaccination rates?

Critics call for end to govt’s info warfare against citizens

The state-run “Information Operations” is an obsolete Cold War legacy that must be put to an end, a prominent writer and academic said Thursday (Sept. 2), after another alleged security watchlist targeting even media and minors emerged in a heated censure debate.

Army “Information Operations” creates misinformation in Khon Kaen “watch list”

A member of parliament from the Move Forward Party reveals information about the military’s Information Operations (IO) during the no-confidence debate in the House of Representatives on the role of the prime minister who is responsible for IO. An IO document titled, “People of Khon Kaen,” is exposed, a watch list of 80 people and organizations apparently deemed as national security threats – including The Isaan Record.

Factoring in Bangkok into Thailand’s notable vaccination inequality

In July, the share of new Covid-19 cases in Thailand shifted decisively from Bangkok to the rest of the country. By early August, Bangkok comprised only a fourth of cases, but government vaccination efforts still centered on the capital. At a time when there’s a shortage of vaccines, why hasn’t the distribution of vaccines been more equitable regionally?

Tiwakorn Witithon carries a campaign on the 1-year anniversary of the 10 demands to reform the monarchy

Tiwakorn Witithon campaigns around Khon Kaen city to invite local people to wear a shirt reading, “We have lost faith in the monarchy,” on the 1-year anniversary of the student declaration of ten demands to reform the monarchy.

Letter to Bangkok: Thailand’s inequality puts millions at risk

It seemed that Thailand had avoided the brunt of te Covid-19 epidemic and was praised by international bodies. The government crowed its success and laid out schemes to bring tourists back to safe Thailand. Then the virus caught up with the country in April. The government chose a strategy that favored Bangkok and tourist destinations and deprived millions in the provinces from vaccination.

Isaan Record website selected by the US Library of Congress as part of world history record

The Isaan Record website has been selected by the United States Library of Congress for inclusion in its web archives as they consider the website to be an important part of its collection and the historical record.

Intimate laborers and COVID-19

Listen to voices of intimate labourers during the COVID pandemic.

Statement of The Isaan Record

The Isaan Record website is not an organization which produces anti-monarchy content and will sue any individual or organization which makes any allegations made to such effect

Statement of Parit “Penguin” to his judges

Parit Chiwarak declares Article 112, Thailand’s lese majeste law, is backward, announces that he will fast until his right to bail is restored

Khong-Chi-Mun student group in Isaan urges an end to violence

The newly-established Khong-Chi-Mun student group in Isaan urges an end to violence

Teaching LGBT rights through board games

“It’s time for us to see them as a normal man or woman. Straight men or women don’t need to consistently say they are a man or a woman.”A student, LGBT board game co-creator.

“Molam” and gender diversity (7)

“I feel molam is very fitting for LGBT because it’s an open space for us.”–said LGBT person ฺ

Sisaket’s special charm: LGBTIQ+ activists lead the way to a more democratic Thailand (6)

Sisaket wouldn’t seem a likely place to find the anti-government protesters led largely by a team of LGBTIQ+ activists. It’s a good sign that even smaller provinces in the Northeast can come up with ways to help Thai society learn to deal with diversity.