Tiwakorn Withiton protests for release a Bangkokian activist denied bail

Tiwakorn Withiton protests at Khon Kaen’s Democracy Monument, demanding release of Bangkok activist denied bail

Abuse in Thai schools requires a long, hard look in the mirror

News of physical abuse of students by teachers is all but commonplace in Isaan and in Thailand more generally. Guest contributor Mark Cogan examines why such abuse is tolerated, arguing that the persistence of such abuse points to larger problems in the education system that trains students (and their parents) to focus more on obedience than learning.

Judicial prejudice: people with HIV barred from becoming judge

A young man aspires to become a judge. But his dream might be dashed simply because the agency doesn’t accept people living with HIV. Everyone applying for a position is forced to take a blood test. He can only hope that the judiciary will stop stigmatizing people like him, and open up its ranks for everybody equally.

We must dare to speak the truth (3)

“It’s a lesson learned by the redshirts: it’s always been about the middle class. The thing that other leaders, including the redshirts, that everyone has tried to demand: a good life, rights and equality, that’s it.” said Thanawit Sepsuk, (Comrade Nick) MSU Democracy Front. Series: “The New Generation of Isaan rises up” – We must dare to speak the truth (3)

Voice of the Isaan’s gender diversity (2)

“I believe our Isaan people in the future will definitely be able to accept, love, and be unprejudiced toward LGBTIQ+, and support them for a better life.”Kaona Saowakun co-founder of TEAK – Trans Empowerment