Military junta continues prosecution of its opponents in Khon Kaen; red shirt activists receive “attitude adjustment”

A military court in Khon Kaen yesterday accepted a case against organizers and observers of a forum in 2016 accused of violating the junta’s restriction on public gatherings.

Filmmaker Apichatpong visits activist ‘Pai Dao Din’ in jail

Jailed since December, student activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa continues to receive support from academics, activists, artists and foreign diplomats.

Fortify Rights: Drop charges, protect environmental defenders in Loei

Fortify Rights calls on Thailand’s authorities to drop all criminal charges against seven environmental defenders facing more than five years in prison for engaging in peaceful protests in Loei Province.

Fortify Rights: Decriminalize defamation, protect human rights defenders and press

Human rights organization Fortify Rights welcomes the dismissal of criminal defamation complaints by a gold mining company against Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS).

Trial over alleged terrorist plot begins in a Khon Kaen military court

Today a military court opened trial of 26 Northeasterners charged with terrorism and treason in the high-profile ‘Khon Kaen Model’ case.

Villagers Fight for Law Dean’s Rights

One hundred and fifty members of the Isaan People’s Network protested outside Khon Kaen University’s Office of the President yesterday to demand justice for the recently dismissed Acting Dean of the Law Faculty.

One Year Gone: Closure Slow to Come in Khon Kaen’s Courts

For the last eleven months, Ms. Prasatiphon hasn’t had much good news to report. On July 1, her brother was arrested and charged with terrorism, arson, and conspiracy for the destruction of Khon Kaen’s provincial hall. He has been held without bail ever since.