Statement of Parit “Penguin” to his judges

Parit Chiwarak declares Article 112, Thailand’s lese majeste law, is backward, announces that he will fast until his right to bail is restored

Decoding Thailand’s lese majeste law

Many activists have been charged with Thailand’s lese majeste law, Section 112 of the criminal code, over the last few months. Some people see the words and behavior—such as seen in a mock fashion show—as violating the law. The Isaan Record examines how a number of these activists fell afoul of the law.

Chronicle of struggle of Phongsathon : Sensation of being accused of lese majeste

“I’m not going to stop carrying on nor stop speaking out. I’ll continue the fight as long as I’m still breathing,” writes Phongsatorn “Boy” Tancharoen, Maha Sarakham University student charged with lese majeste.