Community Rights in the Mekong Sustainability Management

The Mekong River is unique in that it flows through and between so many countries. Every country takes what it can from it, leaving the millions who depend on it for their livelihoods and survival in an increasingly perilous situation. A team of guest contributors went to two communities in Isaan—one where the Mekong first touches the region in Loei and one 600 kms away in Ubon where it leaves Thai territory to learn how two communities are dealing with a drastically changing environment.

After 28 years, curtains fall on a unique exchange program in Northeast Thailand

A victim of the pandemic, CIEE Khon Kaen, a unique exchange program for American students in Northeast Thailand, had to close its doors after 28 years. Guest contributor Weerawat Somnuek talked to the people involved with the program who hope their “people to people” education model can one day make a comeback.

Isaan Lives: A gold mine, a chair and an artist-turned-activist

A young woman is drawn into activism to defend her home in Loei Province against a gold mining project.

Fortify Rights: Dismiss Criminal-Defamation Charges Against Thai PBS and Journalists

The Criminal Court in Bangkok is set to reopen a defamation case against journalists that reported on a controversial gold mining site in Loei Province.

Meet the grannies leading an anti-mining movement [VIDEO]

Grandmothers, activists, and businesswomen – the Radical Grandma Collective is slowly but surely changing one village in the mountains of Northeast Thailand.

ASEAN Film Festival winner Kirsten Tan: “Never take the unchanging province for granted”

‘Pop Aye’ director Kirsten Tan explores themes of nostalgia and the urban-rural divide in Thailand in her award-winning debut feature.

Fortify Rights: Drop charges, protect environmental defenders in Loei

Fortify Rights calls on Thailand’s authorities to drop all criminal charges against seven environmental defenders facing more than five years in prison for engaging in peaceful protests in Loei Province.

“Pop Aye” film review: it’s not about the elephant: homecoming and flagship species

Pop Aye is about a middle-aged man facing a midlife crisis. It is a road movie about coming to terms with living and dying. It isn’t really about elephants, yet everywhere you look around here, there’s an elephant.

The March of Resilience: Loei villagers protest against the reopening of a gold mine

In November villagers in Loei Province protested the renewal of a forest use license for the Phuthapfa gold mining site, operated by Tungkum Ltd (TKL). If the TAO grants the license, Tungkum Ltd will once again have all the licenses needed to restart operations in the gold mine.

From Loei to Oaxaca and back again: lessons from people’s struggle against mining in Mexico

A year after their return from Oaxaca, Mexico, two members of an anti-mining activist group in the Na Nong Bong village in Loei Province reflect on the lessons they learned from a two-week exchange with North American counterparts.

Fortify Rights: Decriminalize defamation, protect human rights defenders and press

Human rights organization Fortify Rights welcomes the dismissal of criminal defamation complaints by a gold mining company against Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS).

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales

The Isaan Record is proud to republish English translations of a collection…