Remembrances of Red Trauma (2) – The room on the 7th floor

In the second part of our series “Remembrances of Red Trauma”, we publish the short story “The room on the 7th floor” by northeastern writer and SEA Write Award nominee Phu Kradat. 

Isaan votes against military rule, Pheu Thai rules at the ballot box

In first election since the coup in 2014, Isaan voters widely rejected military rule and handed Pheu Thai Party a strong mandate.

On Thailand’s 2019 election: The Isaan Red Shirts have returned, but where is Godot?

Many in Thai society have been waiting for an election which, like Godot, never seems to arrive. The military junta has scheduled the election many times, only to delay it again and again. Yesterday, it was made official: Elections have been called for 24 March. Will Godot finally arrive?

Dissenting voices from Isaan on four years of military rule

Two members of the northeastern NGO community talk about four years of military rule.

Trial over alleged terrorist plot begins in a Khon Kaen military court

Today a military court opened trial of 26 Northeasterners charged with terrorism and treason in the high-profile ‘Khon Kaen Model’ case.

Voices from Isaan: two years under military rule

This week marks the second anniversary of Thailand’s latest coup d’état on May 22, 2014. The Isaan Record talked to people in Khon Kaen city and surrounding districts about two years of military rule.