Young people arrested for protesting graduation activity in Korat

More than 20 Korat police swarmed in to arrest five student activists campaigning against a university graduation ceremony. Two juveniles were among those detained for more than seven hours before each being fined 2,000 baht.

The art of resistance: Udorn teen performs act of defiance against threats from the state

Over the past year, pro-democracy movements among the young generation have blossomed across the kingdom. The originally forceful campaign however has been curbed with constant arrests, intimidation, and violence. Despite facing such threats, one teen in Udon Thani remains unflinching, and turns to performance art to challenge the state’s attempt at oppression

A new kind of political power emerges in Sisaket (7)

“So, if you want to point fingers at who’s behind this movement, I can say I know who’s behind these rallies. It’s Gen. Prayut. You’re the one who built this movement that’s set on bringing you down.”

The political crisis and students with high expectations (6)

Amid calls from Thailand’s new generation for the resignation of the prime minister, the amending of the constitution, and reform of the monarchy, the Isaan Record talks with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Phatharathananunth from Mahasarakham University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences about a solution for the country’s political crisis. 

SOTUS: Stifling Thailand’s young intellectuals

The initiation rituals of freshmen students common at universities and high schools across the country not only stifle the young generation’s creativity and critical thinking, but it also breeds authoritarianism, writes student activist Phongsathon Tancharoen.