Khong-Chi-Mun student group in Isaan urges an end to violence

The newly-established Khong-Chi-Mun student group in Isaan urges an end to violence

Remembrances of Red Trauma (21) – Hakom

A village in northeastern Thailand is terrorized by a powerful ghost and descends into chaos as two factions fight over how to exorcise the demon. A short story by Charuphat Petcharavej that can be read as a parable of the country’s political conflict.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (20) – A fire burning down below

“There has never been a time, no other era, where the ordinary villager has cursed the ruling class so much as now. There’s a fire burning down below and the military coup has only poured fuel onto that fire.” Teerapol Anmai speaks about the aftermath of the 2010 protests and the state’s violent response.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (14) – Burning for democracy

He was a Red Shirt teenager. In May 2010, he threw a molotov cocktail, contributing to the burning down the Udon Thani provincial hall. He served six years for his crime. Though disappointed with the movement, he still believes democracy is worth fighting for.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (11) – A war of words: ‘red buffaloes’

Linguist Saowanee T. Alexander talks about the evolution of the term “red buffaloes” that had been used pejoratively to describe Red Shirts and supporters of the Pheu Thai Party. But in recent years, pro-democracy activists have reclaimed the slur, partly shifting its derogatory usage.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (8) – Not all cages exist behind bars: A political prisoner’s life after release

Somsak Prasansap is one of many who say they were wrongfully convicted for the burning of provincial halls in Isaan in May 2010. Since his release, the 59-year-old is struggling to stitch his life back together.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (7) – Letters from political prisoners

For over nine years Teerapon Anmai and his academic friends who set up a fund to help the families of political prisoners have been receiving letters from prisoners detailing their hardships and sharing their thoughts.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (6) – No port in a storm: a political prisoner’s life

What happened to those persecuted for the burnings of provincial halls in Isaan in May 2010? We talked to Somsak Prasansap whose life fell apart after he was arrested and charged with arson of the Udon Thani provincial hall.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (5) – Recollections of a reporter : Bloody April – May 2010

“I can still remember that heavy smell of blood wafting through the air, as the dead bodies of the protesters were being piled together up on the UDD stage, together with the weapons they managed to prise from the hands of soldiers. I can’t forget it,” writes a news reporter who covered the bloody events of April-May 2010.

40 years on – Northeasterners remember a Bangkok massacre

On the 40th anniversary of the massacre at Thammasat University on October 6, 1976, four contemporary witnesses from the Northeast recall their memories of that day and the ensuing consequences.