About Us


Who we are

Based in Khon Kaen, The Isaan Record focuses on social, political and environmental issues in the northeastern region of Thailand, known as Isaan.

Today, the 21 million inhabitants of the poorest region of Thailand have political and social critiques of their own, but almost no voice in popular media. By reporting on the grassroots issues of the region, The Isaan Record offers more insight into the lives of those Northeasterners who are fighting for institutional change in Thailand.

Our mission

The Isaan Record is committed to delivering well-balanced news and feature stories from Isaan in the earnest belief that a well-informed populace is the foundation of a healthy democracy. We incorporate a variety of perspectives into our coverage with a focus mainly on human rights, democracy, development issues, and local politics. We welcome editorials and guest contributions.
It is our mission to encourage a shift in the Thai media’s focus from one that deals almost exclusively with Bangkok-centric news to one that more meaningfully incorporates the largest and most populous region in the country, the Northeast; to build the capacity of Northeastern journalists academics, students, and thought leaders, to play a pivotal role in re-directing the focus of Thai media.
Each year, we run a journalism program, The Isaan Journalism Network Project, that trains northeastern Thais with the skills and capacity needed for rigorous, local citizen journalism in the Northeast. The main objective of this program is to establish a journalism network to enhance freedom of expression and popular representation in this underrepresented region.
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