Udon Thani new generation: Battle over royal portraits, a monument, and a flag (Part II)

Udorn Thani’s democracy fighters are battling over symbols. Three cherished symbols of the state: the royal portrait, the city’s essential patron saint, and a desecrated flag. Protest leaders say time is on their side and they hope to change this former “Capital of Red Shirts to “the Capital of Democracy.” In Part I, the battles over two symbols were over, but the third, over a flag, remains—and a royal visit.



December 31, 2020

Part I: Sakon Nakhon stirs: Students and academics continue a decades-old struggle (11))

The geography and history of freedom fighters set Sakon Nakhon off from the rest of Isaan. Though youth protests have been slow to start and lack some of the vigor seen in other Isaan provinces, Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, has played an important role in linking the province’s past with the new generation’s protests. (See “Part II: Sakon Nakhon’s rediscovered heroes of democracy” tomorrow.)



December 16, 2020

Despite restrictions, Rajabhat Uni students in Isaan find ways to have their voices heard (9) 

Rajabhat University students in Isaan who want to get involved in the ongoing rallies have often faced resistance. Many of these students have asserted their right to protest and are also questioning the kind of education they are receiving. In joining the region’s student movement, they are calling for education reform and the dismantling of the obsolete social system underpinning these institutions.


ดวงทิพย์ ฆารฤทธิ์

November 26, 2020
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