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The Isaan Record calls on officials to stop assaulting journalists and immediately…

Police fire rubber bullets into crowd of APEC 2022 protesters, Isaan people injured

By: The Isaan Record Police fire rubber bullets at the group Ratsadon…

The Isaan Record receives “The Fav Community Influencer” Award for serving as a conveyer of Isaan people’s voices.

Story by Ardchawit Inha Photos by Russell Chapman The Isaan Record receives…

Prayuth comes to Khon Kaen

An army of Khon Kaen Police were on hand as Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha surveyed the areas experiencing significant flooding, the prime minister’s first visit to the region after the Constitutional Court allowed him to continue in his position. Protesters were also on hand, holding signs like, “Flooding water, flooding debt, a false Prime Minister.”

Isaan’s first Pride marches in Udon Thani

The LGBTQ+ community has awakened. No official Pride events have ever been held in Isaan. But remarkably, during this month, Pride Month for LGBTQ+ groups around the world, activities have or will be carried out in five provinces: Udon Thani, Buriram, Srisaket, Ubon Ratchathani, and Khon Kaen.

Tiwakorn Withiton protests for release a Bangkokian activist denied bail

Tiwakorn Withiton protests at Khon Kaen’s Democracy Monument, demanding release of Bangkok activist denied bail

Two citizen journalists detained without charges in Ubon Ratchathani

Two members of The Isaan Record’s citizen reporter network were arrested today while trying to take photos of the atmosphere surrounding the visit of King Rama X to Ubon. 

First-ever religious ceremony held following the suppression of Ubon’s Holy Man rebels 121 years ago.

The first-ever religious ceremony dedicated to the Holy Man Rebellion of 121 years ago received a throng of attendees in Ubon Ratchathani last week. Community leaders discussed building a monument to commemorate the event as a way to make Saphue’s local history more widespread.

Young people arrested for protesting graduation activity in Korat

More than 20 Korat police swarmed in to arrest five student activists campaigning against a university graduation ceremony. Two juveniles were among those detained for more than seven hours before each being fined 2,000 baht.

An event with Director Apichatpong in London held to raise funds to raise awareness of Isaan’s “Holy Man Rebellion”

The Isaan Record and the Thai Democracy Advocates group arranged a screening of the movie “Cemetery of Splendour” in London to raise funds to recover the lost history of the “Holy Man Rebellion” in Isaan. When asked about the political situation in Thailand, the noted Thai independent direct Apichatpong Weerasethakul said he maintained the hope of seeing the new generation continued to push for reform of the Thai military and the monarchy.

Pheu Thai’s ex-justice minister demands release of prisoners of conscience

Ex-Minister of Justice Chaikasem Nitisiri calls for all prisoners of conscience to be released, the military to stop staging coups, and the judiciary to restore faith in justice in order to solve the ongoing political turmoil.

Mo Lam Bank denies involvement in the burning of a portrait of King Rama X in Khon Kaen

Mo Lam Bank denies involvement in the burning of a portrait of King Rama 10 in Khon Kaen, confirms that he’s been in the care of the court

Critics call for end to govt’s info warfare against citizens

The state-run “Information Operations” is an obsolete Cold War legacy that must be put to an end, a prominent writer and academic said Thursday (Sept. 2), after another alleged security watchlist targeting even media and minors emerged in a heated censure debate.

Army “Information Operations” creates misinformation in Khon Kaen “watch list”

A member of parliament from the Move Forward Party reveals information about the military’s Information Operations (IO) during the no-confidence debate in the House of Representatives on the role of the prime minister who is responsible for IO. An IO document titled, “People of Khon Kaen,” is exposed, a watch list of 80 people and organizations apparently deemed as national security threats – including The Isaan Record.