The Good Daughters of Isaan (4) – Stop stigmatizing us, we Isaan women determine our own fate

A column by a Matichon Weekly columnist last December derided Isaan women who marry Western men as uneducated, materialistic, and good-for-nothing. Pintong Lekan, a women’s right activist who filed a lawsuit for defamation against the author, writes about the lifelong discrimination she has faced as an Isaan woman.


พิณทอง เล่ห์กันต์


The Good Daughters of Isaan (3) – Marriage to a Western man, an act of empowerment for Isaan women?

The Thai middle-class often looks down on Isaan women who marry Westerners at the same time they don’t support policies that could benefit the marginalized. But some academics argue that these women are in fact empowered by their marrying a Westerner, providing them with the means to achieve “international” status that in many ways threatens Thai gender and class distinctions. How does status as a mia farang open new opportunities for Isaan women, threaten the status of local men, and help us understand the very notion of love?


The Isaan Record

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