Remembrances of Red Trauma (19) – Ten years after the crackdown, the reckoning awaits

Ten years after the violence of 2010, the rattle of gunfire and the smoke of battle is still the mind’s eye of Teerapol Anmai, a professor at Ubon Ratchathani University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts. Back then he visited the Red Shirt protest sites which would eventually become the killing grounds for, as Teerapol puts it, “people who are seen as less than people.”

Remembrances of Red Trauma (18) – Writing about atrocity, a challenge for Thai literature

Duanwad Pimwana, one of the most prominent voices in contemporary Thai literature, talks about the challenges Thai literature faces in dealing with the trauma of the April-May 2010 violence.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (17) – Killings in the capital, impossible to unremember

“It’s no small thing. If you know that people died at the hands of the state, if you know they were shot with bullets paid for with our taxes, it’s quite a different matter than being shot by a common robber,” says Dueanwad Phimwana, author and S.E.A. Write Award winner of 2003. [VIDEO]

Remembrances of Red Trauma (16) – To the Isaan people who died in Bangkok in 2010

The political violence of 2010 claimed the lives of at least 94 people. Out of that number, 36 were confirmed to be from Isaan. Adithep Chanthet takes a look at the lives of five of those killed, what took them to the capital, their economic backgrounds, and their political ideas.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (15) – The Isaan people killed in the April – May 2010 clashes

The clashes of April-May 2010 in Bangkok left at least 94 people dead. Of those killed, 36 people had home addresses in the Northeast. The Isaan Record has put together an infographic map showing who these people were and how they died.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (13) – Lessons from the 2010 crackdown

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the crackdown on the Red Shirt protests in May 2010, and as part of the special series “Remembrances of Red Trauma,” The Isaan Record held an online panel discussion last week.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (12) – The specter of the “men in black” continues to haunt

Ten years after the violent clashes in April-May 2010, the role of the so-called “men in black” remains shrouded in doubt. Five suspects have been fighting cases in the courts since 2014. This is the story of two of the defendants who continue to maintain their innocence.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (11) – A war of words: ‘red buffaloes’

Linguist Saowanee T. Alexander talks about the evolution of the term “red buffaloes” that had been used pejoratively to describe Red Shirts and supporters of the Pheu Thai Party. But in recent years, pro-democracy activists have reclaimed the slur, partly shifting its derogatory usage.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (9) – Awakened in May 2010

“Awakened” is a graphic novel by Claudio Sopranzetti telling the story of Nok, a manual laborer with a yearning for true democracy and rights. In the end, Nok was defeated by a single bullet in the May 2010 clashes. Though the bullet blinded him, it is not clear whether he also lost sight of his ideals.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (4) – The lingering violence of Bloody May 2010

Ten years have passed since the killings of Bloody May, yet those responsible are still walking free and blameless in the eyes of the law. Out of the 94 killed, 26 were from Isaan. Today, justice is still waiting to be served, writes Wirawat Somnuek.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (3) – The Northeast

The short story “The Northeast” by Isaan writer Tee Anmai links memories of war with the deadly crackdown on protesters in April-May 2010.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (1) – Ten years after April-May 2010

Ten years after the bloody crackdown on protesters in April-May 2010, the traumatic events are still haunting families of those killed, injured or locked away, and all the others who had watched from afar in disbelief. The Isaan Record revisits the event and its aftermath through a series of articles, interviews, short stories and videos.

Sombat Boonngamanong: The Red Shirts are not dead, just wait for the “rain”

Prominent political activist and founder of the satirical Kian Party Sombat Boonngamanong talks about his live after the military coup in 2014 and the fate of the Red Shirt movement.

The “disobedient” Northeast returns: the case of “Run Against Dictatorship” in Ubon Ratchathani

The military-dominated government has enjoyed a free ride so far, running roughshod over people’s rights and issuing threats when challenged. But last month, the regime got a wake-up call. Saowanee T. Alexander reflects on the Run Against Dictatorship events that erupted throughout the Northeast last month.