Part I: Sakon Nakhon stirs: Students and academics continue a decades-old struggle (11))

The geography and history of freedom fighters set Sakon Nakhon off from the rest of Isaan. Though youth protests have been slow to start and lack some of the vigor seen in other Isaan provinces, Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, has played an important role in linking the province’s past with the new generation’s protests. (See “Part II: Sakon Nakhon’s rediscovered heroes of democracy” tomorrow.)


David Streckfuss


We must dare to speak the truth (3)

“It’s a lesson learned by the redshirts: it’s always been about the middle class. The thing that other leaders, including the redshirts, that everyone has tried to demand: a good life, rights and equality, that’s it.” said Thanawit Sepsuk, (Comrade Nick) MSU Democracy Front. Series: “The New Generation of Isaan rises up” – We must dare to speak the truth (3)


The Isaan Record

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