Thai education beset by poor management, inequality, and high teacher debt

Thailand’s public education system is rarely held up as a success story. But its woes have become even more acute in the past decade. It faces a host of challenges: inequality, uneven funding and frequent policy changes by the Ministry of Education, and high levels of teacher debt. Guest contributor Mark S. Cogan takes a look at the challenges and the dim chances for improvement.

Next Uniform: Teachers, be more human

“Clothing is just a basic necessity of humans. It doesn’t decrease or increase my quality as a teacher.” This is is an ad for the “Next Uniform” campaign for Khon Kaen University students who want people to look at people equally ad not evaluating them by their clothes.

A call to arms for Isaan literature

In a forum hosted by Sisaket Rajabhat University, Isaan writers young and old have come together with academics to discuss the state of Isaan literature. No longer content to have their cultural narrative voiced by others, they advocate telling the stories of contemporary Isaan through an authentic Isaan voice unfiltered by Bangkok norms.