The Isaan Record website is not an organization which produces anti-monarchy content and will sue any individual or organization which makes any allegations made to such effect

In the past few days, there have been some websites that have accused the Isaan Record website of producing anti-monarchical content. The editorial board of the Isaan Record categorically denies any such allegations. The Isaan Record is an organization that produces in-depth news stories and news documentaries, conducts forums and training, and opens the space for Isaan people to organize and fight for their rights. The Isaan Record was established to be of benefit for people living in Isaan. We use various media formats to serve as a voice for Isaan people who comprise the largest segment of the Thai population. We adhere to the slogan, “Isaan media for Isaan people.”

We have produced stories on Isaan culture, human rights, and marginalized groups,  and privilege people, such as our series “Soul of Isaan” (on molam), “Sweetness and Power,” “Love, Money, and Good Daughters in Isaan,” “The new generation in Isaan,”  “LGBTIQ + Isaan.” We serve as an alternative news source that attempts to make the people and issues of Isaan more visible to larger society and publish in both Thai and English languages. 

Ms. Hathairat Phahonthap has been the Thai editor of the Isaan Record since July 2019, after having been an Assistant Editor and Senior Journalist with the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS). Ms. Hathairat resigned from Thai PBS on December 31, 2018 and has not since been related to that organization.

In addition, contrary to some media reports, Mr. David Streckfuss is not and has never claimed to be the founder of the Isaan Record. The founders are Ms. Lizzie Presser and Mr.Glenn Brown. The two, while working with Princeton in Asia (PiA) at Khon Kaen University, set up the Isaan Record in 2011 and placed it under Mr. Streckfuss’s care when they returned to the United States in 2013. 

The Isaan Record editorial team, in consultation with our attorney team, will proceed with litigation against any individual or organization who makes any untrue allegations about or against the Isaan Record, its website or Facebook page, or any of its employees, whether made orally, in print, or electronically.

The Editorial Team, the Isaan Record

April 20th, 2021