Remembrances of Red Trauma (21) – Hakom

A village in northeastern Thailand is terrorized by a powerful ghost and descends into chaos as two factions fight over how to exorcise the demon. A short story by Charuphat Petcharavej that can be read as a parable of the country’s political conflict.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (3) – The Northeast

The short story “The Northeast” by Isaan writer Tee Anmai links memories of war with the deadly crackdown on protesters in April-May 2010.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (2) – The room on the 7th floor

In the second part of our series “Remembrances of Red Trauma”, we publish the short story “The room on the 7th floor” by northeastern writer and SEA Write Award nominee Phu Kradat. 

A call to arms for Isaan literature

In a forum hosted by Sisaket Rajabhat University, Isaan writers young and old have come together with academics to discuss the state of Isaan literature. No longer content to have their cultural narrative voiced by others, they advocate telling the stories of contemporary Isaan through an authentic Isaan voice unfiltered by Bangkok norms.

When are half-Thais counted as Thai in Thailand?

White-passing Thais seem to only count as Thai in the eyes of society when they can “out-Thai the Thais.”

Esania Sector 9: Climate change fosters new Isaan writing

Esania Sector 9 The Lost City is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction online novel imagining Isaan after total ecological collapse.

What’s so special about Isaan people writing in English? A review of Pira Sudham’s stories

Peera Songkünnatham reviews the short stories of Isaan-born author Pira Sudham.

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part eleven)

In this final part of our Isaan folk tale series we present two stories featuring important cultural aspects of the Northeast: the rocket festival and the string-tying ceremony. 

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part ten)

This week The Isaan Record has a story about Surin and its…

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part nine)

Today we bring you two stories: one of a beloved prince from Si Sa Ket province, and the other about how the Mun River was formed.

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part eight)

This week in our series of Isaan folk tales, first published in 1965, we finally arrive to Ubon Ratchathani province with two tales: one about a very different kind of temple near the Mun River, and a story of an ungrateful son.

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part seven)

The two Isaan folk stories today come from Roi Et and Sakon Nakhon. The lessons from these two tales are clear: Don’t cross the gods and don’t shoot white squirrels.

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part six)

Our Isaan folk tales series today takes us to Nakhon Phanom in the corner of the Northeast and back west to Sakon Nakhon. Today’s tales recount the stories behind some of the region’s most important temples and lakes.

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part five)

Our Isaan folk tales series today takes you to Chaiyaphum and Kalasin…