Necessary sacrifice? : Khon Kaen urban poor suffer fallout from city flood control

It’s been over a month now since the Mitraphap Community along Khon Kaen railway was confronted with major loss after their homes were submerged in meter-high water. The physical and psychological damage, though, remains – and has been overlooked by the government. Community members ask if the flash flood they’re forced to face is only seen as a necessary sacrifice for the city residents and the province’s economic hub to be spared from.

The Isaan Record receives “The Fav Community Influencer” Award for serving as a conveyer of Isaan people’s voices.

Story by Ardchawit Inha Photos by Russell Chapman The Isaan Record receives…

Tiwakorn Withiton protests for release a Bangkokian activist denied bail

Tiwakorn Withiton protests at Khon Kaen’s Democracy Monument, demanding release of Bangkok activist denied bail

Tearing up Democracy’s Roots

Construction of the high-speed rail project may open up new horizons for Thai society. But it also has important collateral damage: the destruction of a unique urban space that has played an important part in Thailand’s visions of a possible democratic future. Guest contributor Eli Elinoff reflects on the loss of railway communities to the high-speed train project in Khon Kaen and beyond.

Khon Kaen’s railway community sets to vanish as high-speed train arrives

Soon, communities along railroad tracks in Khon Kaen will be forced to leave to make way for the construction of a high-speed train railway that connects Korat and Nong Khai. There is still no plan to relocate the more than 700 families residing in its way. The Isaan Record memorializes the people of Mittraphap community in this shortening period before they vanish.

Threat of new industrial park looms over the heritage of an ancient Khon Kaen town

Residents are rallying against a proposed 4,000-rai bioeconomy project in Ban Phai district of Khon Kaen. The major concern is that the project might turn the area into a new pollution hotspot as in Rayong’s industrial estate Map Ta Phut. The project and its potential effects have aroused concerns that the environment might be damaged and the historical heritage of the ancient town, Mueang Phia, might suffer destruction.

High-speed rail threatens displacement of Khon Kaen’s urban poor

way for construction of a high-speed railway. Residents are caught in a limbo as they have nowhere else to go. The only thing they can do is wait for the order that will force them out from a place where they’ve lived their whole lives.

Debating lese majeste: Is the burning of royal portraits a crime or political expression?

As the demand grows to amend or repeal Article 112, Thailand’s lese majeste law, so too does the number of people being charged with the offense. It remains controversial whether certain actions, such as burning the king’s portrait, can be construed as a violation under this law.

Mo Lam Bank denies involvement in the burning of a portrait of King Rama X in Khon Kaen

Mo Lam Bank denies involvement in the burning of a portrait of King Rama 10 in Khon Kaen, confirms that he’s been in the care of the court

Army “Information Operations” creates misinformation in Khon Kaen “watch list”

A member of parliament from the Move Forward Party reveals information about the military’s Information Operations (IO) during the no-confidence debate in the House of Representatives on the role of the prime minister who is responsible for IO. An IO document titled, “People of Khon Kaen,” is exposed, a watch list of 80 people and organizations apparently deemed as national security threats – including The Isaan Record.

Tiwakorn Witithon carries a campaign on the 1-year anniversary of the 10 demands to reform the monarchy

Tiwakorn Witithon campaigns around Khon Kaen city to invite local people to wear a shirt reading, “We have lost faith in the monarchy,” on the 1-year anniversary of the student declaration of ten demands to reform the monarchy.

KKC high schoolers: The power of Khon Kaen students (10)

“Now I think it’s time for change. Everyone’s awakened.” Kwankhao Tangprasert, leader of Khon Kaen KKC student movement

From classroom to prison cell (2)

From the classroom to a prison cell, Isaan students recount the aftermath of the Oct 13 arrests.