Chronicle of struggle of Phongsathon : Sensation of being accused of lese majeste

“I’m not going to stop carrying on nor stop speaking out. I’ll continue the fight as long as I’m still breathing,” writes Phongsatorn “Boy” Tancharoen, Maha Sarakham University student charged with lese majeste.

Sisaket won’t tolerate dictatorship (8)

 “I’d never thought in my lifetime that there’d be a student protest in Sisaket. I see this as a hope for Thailand’s democracy,” says Pornchai Maneenil, a Sisaket human right lawyer and activist.

Anon Nampha and the campaign to reform the monarchy

The Isaan Record’s Hathairat Phaholtap conducts an exclusive interview with activist and lawyer, Anon Nampha.

Pressure to amend military-drafted constitution is growing

Activists and civil society groups in the Northeast have launched a campaign to draft a new constitution as youth protesters across the country are calling for democratic change.

After court rejects petition to free dissident, he is released from mental hospital

A government psychiatric hospital unexpectedly released a dissident late today after spending nearly two weeks there. Tiwagorn Withiton was admitted against his will on July 9 after wearing a shirt with the slogan, “I lost faith in the institution of the monarchy.”

Civil rights groups urge release of Khon Kaen man held at mental hospital

A Khon Kaen man was admitted against his will at a mental hospital after he posted online photos of himself in a shirt with the slogan “I lost faith in the institution of the monarchy.” Questioning the legal grounds for the forced admission, activists and civil rights groups are calling for his immediate release.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (11) – A war of words: ‘red buffaloes’

Linguist Saowanee T. Alexander talks about the evolution of the term “red buffaloes” that had been used pejoratively to describe Red Shirts and supporters of the Pheu Thai Party. But in recent years, pro-democracy activists have reclaimed the slur, partly shifting its derogatory usage.

Remembrances of Red Trauma (2) – The room on the 7th floor

In the second part of our series “Remembrances of Red Trauma”, we publish the short story “The room on the 7th floor” by northeastern writer and SEA Write Award nominee Phu Kradat. 

The Soul of Molam (12) – March to oust dictatorship

Molam artist Patipan Luecha performs the protest song “March to oust dictatorship” at a student protest at Khon Kaen University in February.[VIDEO]

The Soul of Molam (7) – Life is stranger than molam

The life of Molam Bank or Patiwat Saraiyaem took a dark turn in 2014 when he was convicted of royal defamation for a role he performed in a theater play. He spent two and a half years in prison. But the time behind bars did not stifle his talent for political molam songs.

Second protest at Khon Kaen University calls for elections and a new constitution

Amid calls for snap elections and the drafting of a new constitution, protesters gathered at Khon Kaen University (KKU) on Saturday evening. It was the second time that students and members of the public came out to protest following the dissolution of a major opposition party last month.

#SaveOurFuture: A test for the awakening of Isaan’s students

In wake of the dissolution of the Future Forward Party, student activism networks are emerging all across the Northeast. They want Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha to step down and the military-drafted constitution to be rewritten.

Saplings of democracy in Isaan

“The student protests movements are happening on behalf of the people of Isaan, too,” writes Chainarong Setchua, a lecturer at Maha Sarakham University. He analyses the student protests that sprang up throughout Isaan in the wake of the Future Forward Party’s dissolution.

Isaan youth activism rises in wake of Future Forward dissolution

A wave of protests by university students and young activists is sweeping across the Northeast in reaction to the dissolution of the Future Forward Party.